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Dr. Michael Lella Jr., DPT

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Our mission is to spend more time with patients by providing full one-hour, one-to-one sessions—without the constraints of a big office practice. Using evidence-based therapies and hands on techniques, our patients not only get better, they learn how to stay better, run faster, jump higher and kick harder. We strongly believe that movement is the key to recovery, and exercises are what we use to facilitate correct movement.

Too often, patients are passed off to aides or trainers, or just given a sheet of paper and told to do exercises on their own. We educate our clients in efficient ways to improve their performance in everyday life, work, and leisure.

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Patient-Centric Care

Our patients are empowered to understand what’s going on with their bodies and are given an individualized program on how to fix it.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

Pre-Surgical Treatments
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Running Injuries
Golf Injuries
Martial Arts Injuries
Spinning Injuries
Low Back Pain
Herniated Discs
Sacro-Illiac Joint problems
Thoracic / Rib Cage Pain
Shoulder Sprains and Pains
Wrist and Hand Issues
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Knee Pain

Torn Meniscus / Sprained Ligaments
Hip Pain
Neck Pain
TMD (commonly referred to as TMJ)
Ankle Sprains
Foot Pain
Muscle Tightness
Pre- and Post-Natal Soft Tissue Work and Exercise
Complex and Chronic Injuries
Balance Problems

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