Dr. Lev Borukhov, DPT

Lev Borukhov is a physical therapist with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Institute of Technology. He graduated SUNY Stony Brook University with a double major in Psychology and Health Sciences. His academic pursuits coupled with his love of martial arts, movement, and performance led him to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Lev has been published in the Journal of Novel Physiotherapies about his research with Low Level Light Therapy and Endurance Training.

In his spare time he is usually training and competing in Muay Thai and enjoys bicycling around New York City. He is an active amateur fighter for Chok Sabai Gym. He also assists as second corner at fight shows for the Chok Sabai fight team and traveled to Iowa for the Muay Thai Classic tournament with the team to provide on-site help with acute injuries.

“It won’t be an over statement if I tell you that saying ‘You need to see Lev’ is a almost *reflex* action for me every time someone complains about pain. I cannot recommend Lev highly enough!!”

“Lev is the best – he helped me recover from extreme tightness in my lower back and hamstrings that had been bothering me for several months after a back surgery.”

Dr. Michael Lella Jr., DPT

Michael Lella, Jr. is a physical therapist with a Doctorate in physical therapy.

Michael’s journey into sports began as a childhood athlete, competing for county and state championships in various sports. He graduated from Chaminade High School in Mineola, Long Island. There he excelled as a student-athlete, quarterback and captain of the football team, wrestling team, and lacrosse teams. Michael honed his passion for medicine in during his undergraduate studies receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in biology while attending New York Institute of Technology. He was an research assistant for the Department of Neuroscience and was published for his role in the study “Impact of Geometry on Dendritic Spine Morphology.” He also volunteered at the Long Beach Medical Center, helping to conduct a study called “A Matter of Balance,” a fall prevention program.

Michael is a resident of Forest Hills, Queens and enjoys participating in all types of sports, especially power lifting.

“Michael is the best physical therapist I’ve ever been fortunate enough to work with…I truly believe that I could not have made such a miraculous recovery without Michael’s expertise, support and patience throughout months of therapy.”

” I’m extremely happy that my chronic pain has gone away and it was all due to Mike. Definitely go if you’re suffering from any physical pain.”

Ergonomic Services

Workplace lunch and learn

An hour-long workshop addressing good posture and how to attain it. We introduce concepts that can allow an employee to go back to their desk and re-organize their workspace for optimal ergonomics for their individual tasks.

Ergonomic Sweeps and Presentations

Our presentations and workshops about proper posture, ergonomics, are customized to the chairs and equipment you already have. Followed by 15-minute, individualized ergonomic evaluations.

Ergonomic Evaluations / Workflow Management

These 45-minute 1-on-1 evaluations are recommended for employees with extensive work injuries. Includes a 15-minute writeup with proper equipment ordering and 10-minute follow-up for installation. Employees and employers get a report of all measurements taken and all equipment ordered.

Strength & Conditiong

We started a strength and conditioning program as a request by our patients. After they finished their rehab, they kept getting injured at the gym or on the track, in the ring, at yoga, or even at their cross-fit box. We realized that although they were pain free, they still needed some more attention to make sure that they could get to the next level in their training.

Since, our clients have been setting PRs, entering into races and events that they never thought they would, and are more active without worrying about re-injuring themselves. Every session is tracked and recorded just like a physical therapy session, so we can measure your progress.

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