Breathing tips and tricks for the turkey trot !

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Whether its a 5K or and half marathon the Turkey trot is a great way to burn those extra delicious thanksgiving day calories. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your breathing.  We featured this on instagram @movementmindedpt a while ago but, incase you guys want it all in one place, read on!

Check your self out! Look in the mirror and do this quick breathing assessment. In the next video you can see Yani breathing without optimal breathing mechanics. Her shoulders elevate, her low back extends and rib cage flares out too much when she inhales.

In the next video our very own Dr. Mike releases Yani’s diaphragm.

He also used some @rocktape to tape her diaphragm to help it descend and ascend more while she was breathing.

The results are in, check out the last video in our series.

Yani’s new and improved breathing mechanics mean that she can run longer and faster with less effort. She even PRed on her last half marathon after a slew of injuries and set backs.

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