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Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a new way of looking at the human body. It was developed by Gary Ward, a sports therapist in London and author of What The Foot. The philosophy is not a technique but a way to track movement through the human gait cycle (walking).

With this “map” of human movement we are able to see what every joint is doing through the gait cycle. The AiM course work is a six days long movement intensive seminar that goes through the minute details of human movement. Utilizing AiM we are able to look at chronic pain in a new light. We are able to connect the whole body from your foot to your skull and spot movement compensations, a millimeter here or there, that spirals upwards or downwards and causes pain and dysfunction.




How many times have you stretched the same muscle, foam rolled the same spot, had a manual release of the same area for pain relief? The discomfort goes away for a couple of days but returns. There is a reason why the same spot keeps bothering you. It could be that something higher or lower in the kinetic chain isn’t moving as well as it should be. We don’t chase pain at Movement Minded because we have been fooled one time too many. The site of pain very often is just a symptom and not the root of the problem. AiM gives us the map to discover the cause.


The AiM process, usually, starts with the feet. During a session we check how your feet, pelvis, ribcage, and skull and everything that attaches them together move in three dimensions. We check your static posture, dynamic posture, video record your gait and now with our AmCube Footwork Pro we also check your foot pressures and center of mass. Using this process we have been able to eliminate peoples painful conditions from the head to the feet.

The picture below is of my foot scan. No wonder I have recurring low back pain in my left low back—a third of my body weight is resting on my left heel!


Case Study:

Our patient was a 50 year old woman with Left knee pain, sudden onset but has been going on for 3 months. She gets pain every time she pushes off the left foot. She came to us frustrated that other approaches were not working. Many physiotherapists and chiropractors, and even a personal trainer who specializes in “corrective exercises” worked on her left knee without much success. The pain see-sawed up and down but she still couldn’t walk, negotiate stairs, or exercise. She was worried because her X-Ray showed arthritis and she thought she would have to have a surgery that her doctor was pushing.

The AiM process:

We discovered that her left knee was stuck in flexion, it didn’t extend. She had an inverted left foot that wouldn’t allow her to pronate her foot therefore she could not supinate correctly. Her past injuries to her right ankle kept her body weight over her left side. So whats happening is that her left foot can’t pronate to decrease the load on the knee, and her center of mass is over her left foot.

Our approach was to leave the Left knee alone and work on clearing up some past injuries in her Right foot, then shift her body weight into her Right knee, and finally we can train the Left knee to extend and internally rotate. She reported feeling better after 6 sessions or so and still does her corrective exercises.

Is AiM right for you?
We have used the Anatomy in Motion philosophy with hundreds of people over the years with great results. From a recent sprain, to chronic pain that has persisting for more than 5 years, to post-surgical.

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